A handy box for storing weird stuff

Since I love paper — the texture of paper, piles of paper, stuff written on paper — I tend to accumulate a lot of slips of paper.

I can trash a lot of it, but I can’t bear to part with pretty greeting cards and handwritten letters.

I keep old birthday cards, well-written thank-you notes and thinking of you cards. In my files, I have “Letters from Grandma,” “Letters from Mom” and “Letters from Others.” In one secret, dear file, I have “Compliments.”

This file contains the best of the best thank you notes, “you’re the greatest” cards, “I’ll miss you” missives and awards from as far back as third grade. One faded piece of ribbon-adorned construction paper was given to me by my classroom when I moved away from Fairmont, Minn., in 1977.

Sorry, just can’t throw that away.

These are difficult items to scrapbook because they have are strangely shaped or have front-and-backs or cover-and-insides. But I made a beautiful storage container for those fragments of my ego with Paper Coterie.

It’s called a Memory Keeper, and it’s described as a “durable linen box made of recycled fiber board.” It’s completely personalized with my own seasonal photos and words — and extremely easy-to-use interface as long as you have digital images. This one is the Tiny Stripes design, and I titled it “Monica’s Love Vault.” You can even label the spine, so you can store it upright and quickly locate it. I’ll open it up and sift through its content anytime I need a lift.

It’s two-inches deep, so it holds a lot of mementos and three-dimensional memorabilia, like artwork, key chains, coins, ribbons and medals, clothing or fabric, garters, dried flowers, maybe even baby shoes.

It was a deal. I had a promotion code and paid only the shipping of $12.60. Normally, it’s $38 plus shipping.

It arrived beautifully packaged and included a little freebie: A resin-pendant necklace, a little thank-you note “Welcome to Paper Coterie. We’re awfully glad you’re here” and a coupon towards my next purchase. Very classy.

As long as I’m being grateful for the nice things people have written me, I’m grateful for you, too — my readers. Have a happy Thanksgiving Day!


One comment on “A handy box for storing weird stuff

  1. Connie says:

    Absolutely LOVE the memory boxes by Paper Coterie – I’ve made 2 for each of my children (5 & 6 years old). One will hold printed photos that they love to show their friends and another to hold awards and ribbons from activities.
    I’m looking forward to them opening these on Christmas. Such a meaningful gift!
    Connie Buskness – Organized Moving Connection
    Twitter: OrganizedMove

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