Savor the season in pictures

Which is better? Shovel the food into your mouth and swallow it as fast as you can? Or savor a bunch of tiny bites to make a delicious treat last?

If you’re the shovel-it-in type, I can give you the plastic bracelet I wore last week that entitled me to the all-you-can-eat buffet at a beautiful resort in Puerto Vallarta. “Unlimited” didn’t have very much appeal by Day 7.

But if you’re a savor-it soul, click here to check out Paper Coterie’s Picture the Holidays program. When you register by Wednesday (Nov. 30, 2011), PaperCoterie will send you an email every day designed to “inspire your inner photographer” and encourage you to “get creatively centered.”

Of course, you can upload a photo a day as part of the program and create a book through PaperCoterie, too, but even if the book doesn’t interest you, you might enjoy the program.

I have scrapbook photo albums of people opening gifts at Christmas year after year. Can you see their faces? Not so much? Can you see the gift? Not usually. It’s just a whirl of cheap wrapping paper and hands in motion, images of “Christmas” (Christmas means gifts, right?) gulped down in haste.

What a waste of film and scrapbook pages.

But to get inspiring ideas to take photos every day of December? Now that’s a way to savor the holiday.

Hurry! You need to register by Wednesday to participate. Let me know how it turns out for you.


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