Photos that pop

Photo sculpture transforms the two-dimensional into 3-D. Isn’t 3-D all the rage at the cineplex? Yet with photo sculptures, no goofy glasses are required.

Side view

My mother had this photo sculpture made for my stepson for Christmas one year, and what football player doesn’t like bulking up? Great candidates for this process are images of kids in extracurricular activities, pets, engagement or wedding photos — pretty much any treasured photo you might otherwise hang on the wall.

The process requires a digital image (or a scan of a photograph). The subject is outlined and mounted on a substance that’s about a quarter-inch thick so it’s rigid. This image of my stepson remains upright with a stand that came with the image.

Quality Photo Plus in Worth, Illinois, is among the photo shops that offer gifts like these, and Judi Weber at  Quality Plus estimates it costs about $25-$35, depending on the size of the photo.

I can imagine a permanent bouquet made of photo sculptures as a lovely gift at the holidays. Why give your mother a bunch of wilting flowers when you could give her a bouquet of the smiling faces of her grandchildren?


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