Say cheese

Christmas is coming, and you know what that means: Camera-wielding family members are as thick as soul-stealing thieves.

If you dread being in pictures, now’s not the time to be shy.

The Chicago Tribune printed a story last month filled with tips for looking good in holiday photos. Click here for the whole thing or check out these Top 5 tips:

  1. Change your attitude. You’ll look like a sour Scrooge if you act like one. Says Wisconsin photographer J.D. Wacker, if you’re not enjoying yourself, it shows. So lighten up; if you’re going to be captured on camera anyway, smile.
  2. Get down. Encourage the photographer to take photos from a higher angle, slightly above eye level so people are looking up at the camera.
  3. Make like a giraffe. Stretch your head and neck forward and title your chin down a notch, Wacker says. This helps eliminate double chins. Chin-up just gives the camera a better view of your nostrils.
  4. Turn. Tip your shoulders and tip your head to the higher shoulder. And never stand full-on in front of the camera unless you want to look bigger; turn your body for a three-quarters view and then square your shoulders (less of your hips to show).
  5. Plan your attire. White is not flattering, and bright colors (and those horrible holiday sweaters with Santas or Christmas bells) distract from people’s faces. Fashion photography Melissa Rodwell recommends soft colors. Get your hair cut and colored and do your nails, which will feed your confidence.

Enjoy the holidays!


2 comments on “Say cheese

  1. karen t says:

    My in-laws always do the oddest thing in photos. Way back in the day (like the 60’s), they always had their portraits taken looking off camera…off into the distance somewhere. They still do that…for every casual photo! I hardly have any photos of them actually looking into the camera. If we’re taking a group shot, everyone will be looking at the camera…except them. They’ll look off into the distance or at someone else in the group. It’s amazingly funny now.

    So let that be tip #6…just look into the camera once in a while! It really won’t steal your soul. 😉

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