I resolve to do something with my photos

Five New Year’s resolutions for making the most of your photos:

  1. Set the time and date on your digital camera:  This information becomes part of every photo you take. If you do nothing else, having the right time and date on your digital images will help you organize them, if not by subject, at least by chronology. I checked my camera, and it was set for April 10, 2043; no wonder I can’t find what I want when I sort by date. If you have no idea how to do this on your camera, type “set date on [your camera model]” into Google and you’ll probably be able to find the owner’s manual online.
  2. Vow to dump bad photos immediately: Delete blurry, dark, poorly composed photos of people with their mouths open, eyes closed and backs turned immediately. Don’t take up one byte of space with these images. Failing that, delete bad photos when you save them to your computer or storage device. Failing that, delete three bad photos a day from your computer. By the end of the year, you’ll have 1,000 fewer images to store and sort through.
  3. Back up, back up, back up: Cameras get lost and hard drives crash. A back-up ensures you won’t lose your photos, too. Back up digital photos at least three ways. Print images, store copies on a hard drive (check out www.picturekeeper.com) or gold DVD and invest in cloud storage (Linea offers Pentagon-like security in the cloud for just $99 a year).
  4. Create at least one photo display: Make a calendar, create an album, assemble a wall montage or make and share a movie or slide show with your photos. You took them for a reason. Enjoy them!
  5. Get help if you need a jolt: A personal photo organizer is like a personal trainer for your photos. If you want to pare down your collection, bulk up your technical skills or strengthen your creativity, a photo organizer can help you with one session or ongoing assistance. Find one near you at www.appo.org.

Happy new year!


One comment on “I resolve to do something with my photos

  1. Holly says:

    Love the advice. I’m probably more inclined to delete 21 bad photos once a week than 3 a day. Either way, I like the idea of 1000 fewer bad photos! Thanks for the inspiration!

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