How about photo greetings for Valentine’s Day?

One way to get your photos into your life — and into the lives of your friends — is by creating greeting cards.

It’s an obvious choice at Christmas. A lot of people send photo greeting cards, and in fact, half of the letters I received this year were photos or included photos.

Photo greetings are fun at other times of the year, too. If you want to send valentines with photos on Feb. 14, now’s the time to order them.

But think of other options:

  • Images of cake and candles and family for birthdays.
  • Images of smiling faces or gifts for thank you notes.
  • Images of scenery and nature for “thinking of you,” get well and encouragement.

Many online retailers offer photo greeting cards as well as local photo shops (ordering local eliminates shipping time). I recently ordered some from Creative Memories (, which has tons of card options and designs available. I also get a monthly e-newsletter.

I found Creative Memories’ website a bit clumsy. I had four designs I wanted to use but managed to upload only one. I somehow managed to get a flat 5-by-7 card with the same design on each side instead of a folded card; my order confirmation clearly states “flat” so that’s my own fault. This points to the value of the Consultant, who can help. Next time, I’ll reach out.

The quality of the card is quite nice. My pictures; Louisa May Alcott’s words. Check it out:


One comment on “How about photo greetings for Valentine’s Day?

  1. minnesotatransplant says:

    In chatting about this with a former Consultant, I realize that perhaps my browser — Chrome — was causing me problems. Perhaps Internet Explorer works better. Worth a try.

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