Keep your purse — and a loved one — handy

Framed family photos aren’t the only way to make your office space more homey and inviting.

Try a picture purse hanger:

A look at the purse hanger from the desktop.

Hang your purse from your desktop with this little hook. Imagine the smiling face of your child or the pensive look of your dog as an escape from workday stress.

Besides being practical, a purse hanger may save you some money, too. In Mexico, it’s believed that if you leave your purse on the floor, you will have bad luck with money. When I was traveling frequently in Mexico a few years ago, I was reminded of this superstition may times while dining in restaurants. Why tempt fate? This hook is small enough to tuck inside a purse and use wherever you go.

These cute hangers are available at Elmhurst Photo Boutique, 535 Spring Road In Elmhurst ( It’s a great place to shop for all kinds of photo-related doo-dads and gifts (including the purse!).

Gravity keeps this hook in place.


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