A world of photographic inspiration at your fingertips

Looking for a little inspiration?

Check out these bloggers and photographers for consistently good advice about taking photos of which you can be proud:

Assignment Chicago: Chicago Tribune photojournalist Alex Garcia writes a weekly column synthesizing experience from his work into advice for the less experienced photographers among us.

The Power of Photos: Blogger Michelle is taking a photo a week to document her life.

Sarah Takes Pictures: In this blogeroo, Sarah is taking a picture every day this year.

The Disposable Memory Project: Disposable cameras are making their way around the world and back to this website. No shortage of diversity here.

WordPress bloggers: Go to www.wordpress.com, click on “Topics,” then “Photography.” You’ll find oodles of bloggers who write about photography and post photos. It’s updated real time, so it’s different every day.

Got another site to share? Do tell.


2 comments on “A world of photographic inspiration at your fingertips

  1. Michelle says:

    Thanks! I’ll check these other sites out!

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks so much for linking to my blog, I’m flattered! The other links are great — I particularly enjoy Assignment Chicago; I’m just reading his most recent column “The Danger of Hurry.” Good stuff. Thanks again!

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