Get outside and take some pictures, anything will do

The weather in Chicagoland is stellar this week. Forecasters are calling for record highs, and it’s the perfect time to get outside.

Bring your camera.

Get out of the rut of taking pictures only on holidays and during vacation. Collect some pictures of everyday events. And when the weather is like this, pictures of your neighborhood will do just fine.

The other day while watching “Hoarders: Buried Alive,” images flashed across the screen of the cluttered house they were featuring from decades ago, when it looked far more pristine and inviting. I thought this very clever (and wondered, honestly, how they ever found these images in the current mess). We look at the rooms we live in every day but probably rarely capture the view for posterity. Same goes for our neighborhoods. Things may change slowly, but they do change and we may someday value that snapshot in time.

Today was a day for eating outside. Dining al fresco is such a gift when winter ends, why not capture an image of it, however mundane.

Or how about the kids playing “olly olly oxen free”?

Take your dog for a walk and bring a camera along with your baggie for “deposits.” Who knows what everyday images you’ll capture to enjoy.

My neighborhood, one year ago.



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