A new dimension for your wall art

One of my favorite photos from last summer is now one of my favorite wall hangings, thanks to Anvy Digital Imaging through the Association of Personal Photo Organizers.

I turned this image from my father’s wildflower garden into a canvas wrap print. I love that I don’t have to worry about matching frames to my woodwork, other frames or the image itself. Plus, the image literally pops with its 1-inch depth and canvas texture adding dimension.

Be aware: You need a high-resolution digital image in order to enlarge it; Anvy does everything else. Anvy creates canvas wrap prints in four sizes as small at 11-by-14-inches up to 24-by-36 inches. You’ll sacrifice the outer edges of the image in order to wrap it, so don’t crop your picture so much that you can’t stand to lose the edges. Without the frame, you’ll save a lot compared to professional framing yet still have a professional look.

Imagine a scenery shot, portrait of your home or garden or an emotionally charged image of a loved one in a display like this. I read in Real Simple magazine recently that a University of Wisconsin-Madison study showed that looking at baby photos activates areas in the brain associated with positive emotions. Turn your baby’s photo into art, and be happy every time you gaze upon it!

Interested in creating a piece of art like this? I can help. Leave a comment and let’s connect.


2 comments on “A new dimension for your wall art

  1. Organize With Charee says:

    This is gorgeous! I love how you created your own photo art. Much better than purchasing just any picture for your wall.

    • minnesotatransplant says:

      My mother’s policy is to put only things that have personal meaning on her walls. She has, for example, a water painting I did in 11th grade in one of her bathrooms. Is it the best piece of art ever? No. But it was created by her daughter. Much better than “just any picture.”

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