Think inside the box

Unlike Pandora’s Box, this one is a box you’ll want to have around.

It’s called a Memory Keeper, and I’ve written about them before but they’re so handy and beautiful, it’s worth addressing again because they’re on sale this month at Through June 4, they’re only $20 when you enter the code HAPPY1STBIRTHDAY.

It’s a durable linen-lined box made of recycled fiber board personalized with your own photo or photos. It lives up to its “durable”description; I’ve been lugging mine to all my library talks, and it still looks great.

My box sports my own seasonal photos and words. Paper Coterie’s extremely easy-to-use interface helps you upload your digital images. Mine is the Tiny Stripes design, and I titled it “Monica’s Love Vault.” You can even label the spine, so you can store it upright and quickly locate it. Greeting cards and nice notes fill mine, so I open it up and sift through its contents anytime I need a lift.

It’s two-inches deep, so it holds a lot of mementos and three-dimensional memorabilia, like artwork, key chains, coins, ribbons and medals, clothing or fabric, garters, dried flowers, maybe even baby shoes.

I love this box because it’s so easy to fill — no double-sided tape, no labeling or tabs, no special pages required. More great ideas:

  • All those Christmas photos of other families you don’t know what to do with? Decorate your Memory Keeper with festive holiday photos and keep those holiday greetings inside. Put it out on your coffee table every year as part of your Christmas decorations.
  • Include all your first-day-of-school photos, report cards, achievement certificates and other important school papers inside a Memory Keeper decorated with one of your child’s annual school pictures.
  • I encouraged a woman looking for a way to store her husband’s Vietnam War photos to create a Memory Keeper for him. She could leave the box out as part of her living room decor, and he could open it up and look at his pictures whenever he wanted to reminisce.
  • Overwhelmed with your child’s sports photos? Tuck them inside a Memory Keeper, and guests will be able to catch up with your kid’s wins and losses when they stop by.

One caveat: You might not want to use this box for one-of-kind photos you want to keep around for 50 years. The very act of touching your photos is bad for them because we transfer skin oil and other gunk from our fingers to the photos every time we handle them. But for photos and memorabilia you want to enjoy in the here and now, a Memory Keeper is a great option.


One comment on “Think inside the box

  1. […] which I couldn’t bear to part — and I don’t have to because I’m using a cute linen box decorated with my own photos to store them. However, I threw away a large paper bag of Christmas […]

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