Bring photos into your life with a wall display

Albums are good homes for photos because they can contain a whole lot of images, you can add labeling in most albums, and albums constitute dark storage (at least when they’re closed).

But a meaningful wall display is a good runner-up.

Displaying your photos on your walls allows you to enjoy them every time you walk by. Because photos on the wall are exposed to light (even ones behind UV glass), I recommend using copies of your images, but a wall display of family photos can’t be beat when it comes to meaningful interior decorating.

While a serious genealogist might prefer an album with more documentation, my mother appreciates the wedding photos of her ancestors in a pretty little basement nook.

You can see the wedding photos of my grandparents and great-grandparents on the left. Other miscellaneous heritage photos, including my grandfather’s sister who died young and a pencil etching of my mother’s brother’s name at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, are on the right.

Mother brought the display together with mostly oval shapes in frames of similar color.

A thoughtful wall display brings together photos of a similar theme:

  • Weddings (as in the case of my mother’s display).
  • Photos of your children or grandchildren as babies or as graduates.
  • First-day-of-school photos.
  • Images of loved ones walking or playing on beaches on various vacations.
  • Black-and-white facial closeups.
  • Groups of people laughing.

What themes have you used in a wall display to great effect?


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