3 tips to better photos with your iPhone

Since almost no one leaves home without their iPhone, it’s no wonder so many photos are being snapped with it instead of cameras. It’s just so convenient!

The iPhone 4 has a 5 megapixel resolution while the iPhone 4S boasts 8 megapixels, plenty of resolution for excellent quality images on the go.

If you’re using your iPhone as your only camera, check out these three easy ways to make it even more responsive:

  • Focus: As you compose your image, tap the screen where you want the iPhone to focus. It’ll adjust the exposure and white balance automatically for that area. For example, you might want your daughter’s face in focus while the flowers are not. Or you might want to focus on the faraway horizon instead of the close-up tree.
  • Comfort click: If using the shutter button on the screen is awkward, you can take a photo by pressing the volume button (the one imprinted with “+”) on the side of the phone; when your phone is sideways, it’s the natural position for a shutter on a camera.
  • Edit: After taking an image, click on it, then click “Edit.” You’ll get the option to rotate the image, auto-enhance, fix red-eye and crop. Take a picture of the dog right now and experiment so you can smoothly improve your images on the go and before uploading to Facebook, for example.

One comment on “3 tips to better photos with your iPhone

  1. On my recently vacation, I snapped photos with both my iPhone and my camera, and in many cases, the iPhone photos were better than those taken with the camera! Thanks for the tips for even better photos!

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