Now’s the time to think about that holiday photo project

The second best thing to getting a completed photo album as a gift is giving one.

Isn’t she adorable?

My stepdaughter celebrated her 23rd birthday last week, and she loved the photo book I made for her of photos from throughout her childhood. For a look inside the book, check out the post here that I wrote a couple of weeks ago.

The lay-flat binding is brilliant!

It’s so rewarding to watch someone paging through an album all about her and knowing you’re responsible for this moment of joy. At the very least, I wanted her to have tangible evidence that she is loved. (I also was pleased I chose Creative Memories’ lay-flat binding so she didn’t have to twist and turn to read the captions near the spine.)

Coincidentally, the poem I used to organize the photos is one of her favorites; she showed me a dog-eared copy of the “Letter to My Daughter” in her journal.

Now is the perfect time of year to start thinking about the photo album project you simply must complete and give at the holidays (think of it as a gift to yourself, too!). While you could complete it in a matter of days, it’s easier to comprehend and complete in steps so begin now and avoid a rush at the end:

  1. Gather photos.
  2. Sort the photos into some sort of order.
  3. Scan the photos (if they’re printed).
  4. Design the photo book and write captions. (For me, this is the longest part of the effort, so you might want to tackle the book in pieces.)
  5. Print and wrap!

What photo album project is on your list?


2 comments on “Now’s the time to think about that holiday photo project

  1. mom says:

    I am making an album of our trip to Mt, Rushmore for Drew for his birthday. I am trying remember all the comments made along the way to use in writing the captions.


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