Write the story of your life you’re meant to tell

Interested in writing your life story to accompany your family photos but you’re not sure where to start?

Writers know they must begin by writing. Many times, the very act of writing brings the story into focus for me. If I were to wait until I know exactly what I’m doing, the story would never get written at all.

No matter what your age, you have stories to tell and you are the one best positioned to tell your stories. “Everyone alive has a story to tell of a life filled with important moments, significant relationships, crises and losses and healing, hard lessons, satisfactions and victory and triumphs,” says Edna C. Groves, a local personal historian and guided autobiography instructor. “Yet your story is unique, and only you can write it.”

If you need a jump-start to getting your story down on paper, consider taking a guided autobiography class. As in almost all things, you can probably find a lot of information online and even videos on YouTube, but this sort of project might be undertaken with live and in person.

Groves is offering a six-week writing series beginning Tuesday, Sept. 25 in Naperville, Illinois. She emphasizes no prior writing experience is necessary. “If you’re ever written your name, you can do this,” she says.

The first meeting is introductory, informational and free! How can you go wrong with free? When you choose to continue, the fee for the remaining sessions is $150, but you can get a deal at $135 if you register and pay at the first session.

If Groves’ guided autobiography class interests you, contact her for more information and to pre-register at 630/204-1650 or edna@wordsthatendure.com. Check out her website at Words That Endure.


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