Try 4EverBooks for quick, quality printing of digital images

Printing your digital photos in the form of a photo book counts as printing. Don’t be fooled into thinking a print only counts as a 4-by-6 on photo paper. A digital album is a great way to organize a bunch of photos and tell a story.

Hundreds of companies now print digital albums. I tried 4EverBooks recently with photos taken last Thanksgiving. My husband, stepson and I visited Puerto Vallarta for a week and enjoyed all kinds of food besides turkey plus a lot of beautiful weather.

Those digital images were languishing in my computer until I decided to try 4EverBooks.

The software to create a 4EverBook album is free. You download it to your computer (which I like because that way is generally faster than working over the internet). Versions for Windows, Mac and Linux exist; I used Windows and made an 8-by-8 softcover album which retails at $19.95. Options range from $12 to $80 and above.

4EverBooks’ software automatically chose a great image for the background to the cover of my album.

It was so easy to use! I loved the feature that added my photos to a book automatically. I moved a few things around, but generally, the photos appeared in logical order. The background designs were fairly simple (though I had the option to use my own photos as background, which was interesting and made me think I should take photos differently in the future. I didn’t add photo captions. In the space of about an hour, I created and ordered the album. It was so satisfying!

Once created, 4EverBooks gave me the option of sharing my album on Facebook.

My album arrived by mail in a couple of days — amazing. I also could have chosen to have my album delivered to a local photo store. On the softcover copy, the cover is the same paper as inside (which is the say, thin), but the binding is impressively stitched (which I prefer for longevity to glued bindings).

If you’re thinking about creating books as gifts for the holidays, 4EverBooks is a good option.


2 comments on “Try 4EverBooks for quick, quality printing of digital images

  1. Judi Weber says:

    Monica, I’m really glad you had a positive experience with 4Everbooks. The software was designed exclusively for photo labs & camera store members of Independent Photo Imagers. I made a couple of books myself and also found the software to be easy to use. There are many choices including soft cover books as well as hardcover. You can choose from 8 photo book sizes ranging from 5.5 x 5 to 15.5 x 12, image wrap hard & soft cover or linen and leather covers, digital print paper or lustre photo paper and 4 different binding choices. You can order from on-line software or download to your computer. Have them delivered to your home or your favorite photo store (photo store pickup saves $$ on shipping). If you would like to give this a try you can order through Quality Plus Photo in Worth, IL. Check it out on our website under the photo book category. Monthly special codes are available for discounts. You can call us for the current monthly special @ 708-448-2140 or email us @

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