Tips for making the most of a holiday letter

A well crafted holiday letter is like a tiny little family memoir. It recounts the highlights of the year gone by for friends and loved ones and assigns some sort of meaning to them. A good holiday letter is a gift itself, delivered in a flood of bills, family pictures simply signed and junk mail.

Writing holiday letters, however, takes time and creativity not all of us have.

I’m thinking about my holiday letter this year, and I have grand plans that include a family picture and clever prose. I’m feeling a bit guilty because last year I got only about 25 percent of the way through my Christmas card list, and I imagine I left 75 percent of my friends and family hanging (or, at least those who aren’t connected to me by Facebook or my Minnesota Transplant blog). Don’t be like me last year.

To help inspire you, here are three tips and an offer.

3 tips

  1. Prioritize your mailing list. Send greetings, not only to those who send you greetings, but especially to people you think of fondly and are wishing the best for.
  2. Keep your message short. Think about the highlights of your year and major changes.
  3. Keep it real. Are you tired and busy? OK to say so. Have something to brag about? This is the place to do it. If you had a year full of sorrow, no need to be melodramatic, but don’t feel it necessary to ignore sad events.

An offer

If you’d like to give the gift of a holiday letter to your family and friends and you don’t have the wherewithal to get it down, delegate. I’ll send holiday greetings for you for only $2.39 per card. That includes 1 photo, a half hour interviewing you to write your holiday message, full-color high-quality greeting cards, envelopes and postage. All you need to provide is the photo (printed or digital — I’ll convert if necessary), a half hour of your time to write your message and your mailing list (hand-written, photocopied or typed).

Interested? Give Clickago Storywerks a call at 847-683-9798.


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