Followup: Photo of Clickago Storywerks reader was shared by the New York Times

The memories of a Clickago Storywerks  reader who shared the story of her father here last month were published on the New York Times website as part of the The Lives They Loved project.

Karen submitted a picture of her parents holding hands and a story about her father, who died this past year after suffering from Alzheimer’s.

“It makes my heart feel so happy to think that other people will look at that photo, see his name at the top, and know that he mattered and was loved and lived a full life,” Karen wrote to me.

It makes me happy, too. Photos have the power keep a loved one alive in our memories, and it’s part of the reason I do what I do as a photo organizer and personal historian.

See Karen’s photo and read the story of her dad here. Type “Darrel Weiher” in the search box. I got wistful watching all the photos of some of the submissions come up on my screen; all those souls died this past year. Another link worth clicking on is the story of “The Lives Unlived in Newtown,” about the children who were massacred at a school in Connecticut last month.


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