Self-publishing helps woman share story about Mom

Sometimes a story to tell needs to be shared with the world.

And Amazon is a great stage.

I recently helped a client publish her story to Amazon, and it’s available now. There are two avenues to publishing directly with Amazon: CreateSpace publishes paperbacks through a POD process (Print On Demand, aka one at a time) and Kindle Direct Publishing publishes ebooks.

Modern book publishing is amazing. No longer do authors have to acquire a publisher or self-publish with an investment in 2,000 copies that may languish in the garage. With the right know-how or a small amount of money to pay someone else for the service, anyone can self-publish to Amazon. If you have a story and the rights to tell it, Clickago Storywerks can format it and upload it so that is available nearly worldwide.

Letters From Mom: A Daughter's Journal of Healing

Joyce Madeline Kocinski’s “Letters From Mom: A Daughter’s Journal of Healing” is available as a paperback or on Kindle. You read a little about Joyce’s story here a few weeks ago when we were collecting opinions on cover design. Her book about how she dealt with her mother’s death reminds me a little of Joan Didion’s “The Year Of Magical Thinking,” a memoir about a New York author about her grief following the sudden death of her husband.

Kocinski’s story combines her journal writing in the year after her mother’s death with her mother’s letters; ultimately she finds comfort in both. Reading it reminded me how much I treasure my own mother who, thank God, is still alive, and I imagine Kocinski’s story would bring hope and comfort to anyone grieving a parent.

This is the second edition of “Letters From Mom.” I redesigned the cover for her so it was more eye-catching online and also formatted the contents for both print and epub.

Form follows function, as it’s said, and good design aids readability. The contents of the second edition look and read so nice with headers, footers, justified type, proper margins and airy leading. Here’s a look at the “before”:


And here’s a screen grab of the “after”:


Click here for the paperback ($8.99).

Click here for the Kindle version ($2.99). It’s free if you’re a Prime member.

Check it out.


2 comments on “Self-publishing helps woman share story about Mom

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