Simple images, delightful presentation

family pics closeup

I liked the display of gallery blocks I created recently for a client so much, I made one of my own for my redecorated home office.

family picturesI chose snapshots from the ’90s of my sister, my parents and my brother (who died in 1999). Their clothes and glasses evoke the decade, but it’s their smiles (or, in the case of my sister, her smirk) that delight me.

These pictures are only 4-by-6, but the dimension of the gallery blocks gives them weight in this important space between the window and the bookcase, visible from the hallway outside my office. I chose a yellow-toned damask for the edge to coordinate with my golden wall.

Now my family of origin looks on while I work, and I love that. How wonderful that a two-dimensional image can cause such warm emotions.


One comment on “Simple images, delightful presentation

  1. […] can find the photos she wants when she wants them. We chose three of them to make some beautiful gallery blocks for her […]

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