Adult show-and-tell comes to Mt. Prospect

You’ve heard of karaoke? Poetry slams?

Add adult Show & Tells to the list of events where amateurs get stage time.

It’s a concept being promoted by the Association of Personal Historians, of which I am a member. Attendees gather in a public place — sometimes a library, sometimes a restaurant, sometimes a bar — and they each spend a few minutes talking about an item that means something to them.

Could be any item of meaning, not necessarily monetary value. Think: A karate uniform signed by martial arts greats, a handmade violin, a program from when the movie “Gone With the Wind” was released or a Dy Dee Doll box and clothes purchased in the mid-1930s. The owner spends a few minutes telling other people why this item is meaningful, thereby entertaining the crowd while enjoying an audience who listens to them (just like in kindergarten).

Talk about a great excuse to get out of the house this winter!

A member of the Chicago Chapter of the Association of Personal Historians is hosting the first Show & Tell in Chicagoland at 7 p.m. Wednesday March 12 at a historic restaurant in Mount Prospect: Mrs. P & Me at 100 E. Prospect Ave.

Bring something special to you to share with the group or just come to watch and listen. Food and beverages available for purchase.

On Facebook? Check out the fan page here.



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