Location as a theme: A clever idea for your next gift album

Another gift-giving season is upon us. But wait! Before you think I’ve lost my mind (and my calendar), spring and early summer are big gift-giving seasons. There’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, of course. Wedding showers. First communion and confirmation. Graduations of all sorts and kinds. And Mom’s birthday (well, if your mom, like mine, was born in April, that is).

Photo books make great gifts for people of all ages, and an easy way to choose and organize pictures is by location. Forget chronology or even subject — dig through your collection of photos looking for all the photos taken in one location — a house, a school, a church, a garden, Disney World, the baseball diamond, a vacation home — you get the picture (pun intended, heh, heh).

I’m on vacation this week at an undisclosed (but fabulous) location, but if you’re looking for some inspiration for a location-themed album, please enjoy this Clickago Storywerks post from a couple of years ago…

Photos of the lake — or anywhere else — transport the viewer

Choosing a place for the theme of a digital photo album is an excellent way to organize one’s photos — and it might make a fine coffee table book, too.

My sister lives on a lake in Minnesota, and a good friend of hers recently gave her a beautiful photo album illustrated with years of photos of their families’ exploits on the lake.

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