Easy gifts using unusual images

Optimally, this post would have appeared a couple of weeks before Mother’s Day, in time to inspire you, Dear Reader, to create something amazing for dear old Mom.

But my mother and sometimes my mother-in-law read this blog, so I’m sharing these ideas after the fact, in hopes they’ll inspire you for other gift-giving occasions (possibly Father’s Day?).

Let’s begin with this premise: Photos make fabulous, appreciated gifts. Who doesn’t love a one-of-kind, made-just-for-you present to make you feel special and loved?

Today’s personalized gift ideas are created from a piece of memorabilia and a handful of photos, both easy pieces to gather. No difficult composition necessary.

Curt Drawing Low-Res

By Curtis Wallgren

No. 1: Wall Panel

A wall panel fuses an image to hardboard without the glare of glass. Photos are a great option, but I used a piece of art. I can imagine a lot of school art projects in this form. My deceased brother left behind several notebooks of drawings in all kinds of mediums; his pencil drawings were sometimes abstract, sometimes beautiful, but after 20 years, all of them were showing some wear. I scanned this image of the Fargo, N.D., countryside to create an 8-by-10 wall hanging for my mom. It wasn’t signed, but I found his signature elsewhere in the notebook and used Photoshop to finish the work. Viola! A permanent reproduction. Mom loved it.

No. 2: Wall Calendar

calendar compressedWho says calendars begin in January? When you make your own on Picaboo, you can start your calendar with any month of the year. The designs are sleek, and the software is intuitive. I created mine in about an hour, including tracking down the digital images. Plus, you can add special occasions and even pictures to the calendar itself.

For my mother-in-law, I chose photos taken during the past year, including this selfie of my husband and stepson on vacation in the Caribbean. While it’s kind of quirky and might not make the permanent display, it’s perfect for one month of the year. Mom-in-law liked it so much, she sent me a handwritten thank-you note!



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