What photo should I use for my cell phone cover?

It’s a first-world, 21st century problem, but choosing a single photo — from among thousands — to use on a customized cell phone cover is no easy task.

Use a photo of the cell phone user?

The cell phone user’s spouse?

The cell phone user’s children?

A photo of a place or object important to the user?

A cool, colorful photo of something else?

It’s tricky. When choosing a photo for the customized cover of my new Apple 5s iPhone, I wondered if a picture of me would be narcissistic. I have no (biological) children, and a picture of my husband or stepchildren seemed as weird as using a picture of me. The phone doesn’t belong to and isn’t used by them — why would there be a picture of them on it?

And as long as I was going for a customized image, why use a picture of a pineapple, or a water tower or a flower? I could buy covers with such images without going to the trouble of customizing one.

Finally, I decided an image of me would signify ownership — clearly this iPhone belongs to me. But I found a good shot of me with my husband, taken by my stepson on a recent cruise when we stopped in Cartagena, Colombia, and we took a walk on the stone wall surrounding part of the city:

cell phone cover

By creating a cell phone cover, I can enjoy this photo and the memories of our trip every time I use my phone.

The company I used to create the cover allowed me to include words, so I added part of a quote from Audrey Hepburn that illustrated the photo for me. The full quote doesn’t impart quite the right meaning, but here it is: “The beauty of a woman must be seen from her eyes, because that is the doorway to her heart, the place where love resides.”

I love the new cover, and it makes me happy to see. Isn’t that how your family photos ought to be? In use, visible and making you happy?


Need a new cell phone cover for your phone but don’t know where to begin? A photo organizer can help choose one and create a one-of-kind cover for you.



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