Dropbox makes organizing and accessing images easy

I’ll admit to carrying an iPhone and being a fan of Apple products. Not a stand-in-line-for-36-hours-for-a-new-case-color kind of fan, but generally happy with my iPhone and iPad.

On my desktop, however, sits a Toshiba PC with Windows 7, and I generally happy with its operation, too. I like the concept of having a desktop and folders and documents. These archaic, paper-based descriptions help me function in the virtual world.

So while I enjoy clicking pictures with my iPhone, I hate, hate, hate juggling the camera roll, photo stream, shared streams, albums in various streams and then doing that in iTunes or iCloud or who knows where. When I have to Google a how-to question every time I want to access a photo, something’s too complicated.

That’s why I am a new fan of Dropbox.

First of all, the first 2 gigs of storage space is free. This is a lot of space, to be honest. And now, with the Dropbox app, I can organize and access quite a number of favorite photos quickly and easily.

Do you ever find yourself scrolling aimlessly through your camera roll of the photos you took two weeks ago to show your lunch date? “Oh, I can’t find them right now, but they’re so cute, just a second.” Ten minutes later, you’re still staring at your phone screen, and your lunch date is looking for the check.

With Dropbox, you can move a few of those cute photos on your computer into a folder called something obvious like “Cute Photos of Baby” and then move the folder to Dropbox on your computer desktop. Poof, a minute later you can see them on the Dropbox app on your phone.

Double bonus: Now your cute photos are backed up in the cloud. If your computer crashes (God forbid), you can get the photos back through Dropbox.

Dropbox makes its operations user-friendly. If you can find stuff on your computer desktop, you can probably figure out Dropbox.

Did I mention it’s free? If you share Dropbox with friends, you can earn more free space, but once you reach your free limit, you pay a monthly fee for more space. It’s a small price for priceless images.



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