What better time of year to capture life than in summertime

One reason so many weddings are held in summertime is because the world is such a beautiful place when the sun is shining! A beautiful world makes for stunning photographs.

(The other reason is because in spring, a young man’s fancy turns to love. But that’s a different story.)

No reason exists to wait for a special occasion to take pictures. It doesn’t have to be a wedding, or someone’s birthday, or a family reunion to whip out the camera and capture some memories. And during this time of year, outdoor pictures offer the added benefit of having a great backdrop.

Another reason to take pictures this time of year? To memorialize a gardener’s hard work. I helped a client sort her mother’s photos recently, and we discovered several pictures of the rare bloom of one of her flowers. But none of the pictures showed Mom with the flower. A missed opportunity. If your dad is meticulous about his yard or if your wife grows the most amazing tomatoes, take a picture of the proud Green Thumb with the amazing greenery.

While running errands today, I found some lush blossoms in the most mundane places (thank you, Summer):

pharmacy lilies

The boulevard along the parking lot at the pharmacy was decorated with these brilliant lilies. I just love lilies this time of year. Imagine a child sitting on the curb with these beauties in the background.

post office

At the post office, this inviting photo opportunity has the added benefit of clearly portraying a sense of place.

post office close up

Here’s a close-up of the post office’s container garden. The flag is an apt addition.


This row of lilies lines a roadway near the bank. Someone has spent a little time cultivating this narrow patch, and she or he probably deserves a portrait here. I imagine a well-behaved dog (not mine) would look pretty here, too.


Even the neighbor’s driveway landscaping caught my eye today. Ahh, summer.

If you live in the northern hemisphere, find a beautiful backdrop to take some pictures of the kids or the pooch or your sweetie.


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