Turn your unpublished manuscript into a book, e-book available worldwide

Do you or a loved one have a manuscript like this lying around the house?

grandma original

Author Marilyn Gould, 81, wrote this book recently, and I got to help her introduce it to the world. Gould wrote a book of memories and advice about grandparenting. America’s Greatest Asset: Grandparents, We Are Not Yet Finished shares the valuable lessons she learned growing up in Chicago’s Roseland neighborhood on the South Side in the 1940s and early ’50s and visiting her grandparents’ farm in Indiana’s Lake County. It’s filled with memories of her grandparents, ideas for thought-provoking activities grandparents can do with their grandchildren, words of wisdom and even a few recipes.

One of my services is publication help. I help people self-publish their book to Amazon so the world can enjoy it. I can help with manuscript editing, formatting of printed and ebooks, book cover design and creation of sales portals.

Gould got farther by herself than most authors. She actually wrote the book; so many would-be authors leave their ideas bouncing around in their heads, never making it to paper. She had her manuscript typed up and enlisted the help of a couple of family members to edit it. That’s another thing too many self-published editors skip: An editor.

As you can see, she even had a few copies bound at a copy store. She had a functional product but it was not yet commercially viable. That’s when I entered the picture.

First and foremost, Gould wanted an e-book so I converted her Microsoft Word document to Kindle- and Nook-friendly documents and uploaded them to the appropriate websites. But we couldn’t sell an e-book without a cover, so I designed one for her using stock photography:

Gouldcover_Layout 1.qxd


Gould liked the e-book so much, she wanted a paperback so I tweaked the file, created a back cover and published it via Createspace, Amazon’s marketplace for paperback self-publishing. Thanks to the vast reach of Amazon and Barnes & Noble, Gould’s book is now available worldwide. Check it out here and here to read the first few pages and see if it’s a book for you.

Naturally, Gould wanted the world to know about her book so I drafted a press release we shared with various print publications, including her local newspapers and her alma maters.

“The accumulated experience and wisdom of rational, healthy, and wise grandparents is the greatest asset we have as a society,” author Marilyn Gould said. “Grandparents have been there, done that, sometimes with success, sometimes not, but they’ve learned valuable lessons in either case.”

It is gratifying to help authors create the book they imagine, and I’m honored to have been part of Gould’s team.



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