Introducing a new photo kit that allows you to store, preserve your 50 best shots

No matter how large your collection of photos, a few of them rise to the top in terms of meaning and value.

I’m super excited to announce I’ve teamed up with a professional organizer to introduce a product to store and preserve those important images compactly and safely. It’s the Simplesizing® Photo Kit …


… and it offers a home for 30 to 50 traditional or digital photographs as close as your nearest file drawer.

The kit includes photo-safe materials and file folders, plus instructions for choosing the best photos from a collection and assembling them in the kit.

The idea for the Simplesizing Photo Kit originally came from Jane Carroo, owner of Clutter Coach Company, a professional organizing service in Inverness, Ill.

“I’ve worked with so many clients overwhelmed with their stuff and in many cases, looking for ways to downsize,” said Jane, a Certified Professional Organizer® and Certified Relocation Transition Specialist®. “While I love the concept of photo albums and scrapbooks, they’re not for everyone. I thought it was a shame to leave those most important photos in a box where they couldn’t be enjoyed. The Simplesizing Photo Kit stores those best photos in a way that requires less than a half-inch in a file drawer.”

Carroo enlisted my help. My background in memory preservation over the years led to the Simplesizing Photo Kit which preserves traditional photographic images in a safe way for the long-term.


Acid-containing materials, light and dust spell doom for photos, so choosing a method of storage that avoids those things will contribute to longevity of your images. The Simplesizing Photo Kit is dynamic enough to preserve both traditional photos and digital images.

Jane and I are planning to offer webinars with creative ideas for using the Simplesizing Photo Kit. I’ll keep you posted.

To learn more or purchase the Simplesizing Photo Kit, visit The Simplesizing Photo Kit is $19.97, including shipping. Cool, huh? The concept is simple enough that you can do this yourself, but if you need help sorting through your collection of photos? I can help with that, too.


One comment on “Introducing a new photo kit that allows you to store, preserve your 50 best shots

  1. […] and chose about 30 of them to scan for an 8-by-8-inch digital photo book. We also made a number of Simplesizing® Photo Kit sleeves. I’m proud of how we prioritized the collection to display the very best […]

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