Endorsement for the work of personal historians at #APH2014

“Sometimes we can tell other people’s stories better than they can tell their own.”

~ Dr. Henry Greenspan

This is the work of a personal historian, to help a person tell their story in a logical, beautiful way, often better than they may be able to tell their story off the cuff. I appreciated hearing this from Greenspan, a psychologist and playwright who spoke this morning at the annual conference of the Association of Personal Historians in St. Louis, Missouri.

Greenspan recounted a comment from one of the Holocaust survivors he’d interviewed to create his one-man play, “Remnants”: “It’s not exactly what I said but it’s exactly what I meant.”



2 comments on “Endorsement for the work of personal historians at #APH2014

  1. What a great testimonial for the important work personal historians do – thank you for sharing this with APH members around the world by using the #APH2014 hashtag. Makes it that much easier to find good, relevant content. Cheers!

    • Monica Lee says:

      Thank you, Michelle! I can’t quite pull off live blogging but I’ll try to do something else, too. Cheers to you!

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