Juggling photos and projects

Whew! What a year for Clickago Storywerks!

2014 wrapped up with a bang as I was juggling four projects at once. It requires a lot of concentration to keep track of faces for four different extended families!

I want to share some of these projects with you to inspire you to tackle your piles of unorganized photos:

Project 1: Family history book

This client is telling the story of family, beginning with his parents, a few aunts, uncles and cousins, then sibling and nephew. The digital photo book is shaping up beautifully with lovely quotes and interesting details. On one page, I scanned a map to show how he was born only minutes from where both his mom and dad were born. On another page, we have photos of some of the belongings he inherited from his father. I love how we’ve mixed together photographs, scanned newspaper articles and photographed memorabilia.

Project 2: Mom’s photos

We started out with more than six bins of photos my client inherited when her mother died. We threw some away, gave away a lot of them to her brother and cousins, filed a couple thousand photos in a photo-safe box and chose about 30 of them to scan for an 8-by-8-inch digital photo book. We also made a number of Simplesizing® Photo Kit sleeves. I’m proud of how we prioritized the collection to display the very best ones.

Project 3: Cleaning up the photo closet

In the space of 12 days, I sorted through 4,000 photos and more than 100 photo CDs for a client who needed help with all the photos she’d managed to get into one place — the closet — but couldn’t find anything there. I returned two boxes of sorted, labeled printed photos, a box of labeled photo CDs organized by year and a box of memorabilia. It turns out she had a lot of duplicates she didn’t want or need so we actually got rid of about 25% of her collection. Now she can find the photos she wants when she wants them. We chose three of them to make some beautiful gallery blocks for her mother-in-law.

Project 4: Digitizing Dad’s photos

Imagine how many photos a photographer might collect over the course of a 96-year lifetime. That’s how many photos I’m sorting for this client who is attempting to put some order to her father’s photos. I’m in the middle of this project which includes at least 6,000 photos. We’re also digitizing several dozen home movies. About 2,000 slides have been culled from the piles to be reviewed and possibly digitized, too. Ultimately, the goal is to share digitized images with members of the family spread from one coast to the other.

* * *

I’m working on creating a couple of ebooks for clients in the new year, and I’m so happy to be helping bring order to chaos and stories to life.


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