How to preserve or copy a scrapbook? Scan entire pages and print a photo book

Have a treasured scrapbook that’s falling apart? Or you want to share? Since I wrote about scanning a scrapbook and printing as a photo book two years ago, this post has been the most popular one since I began this blog. Enjoy!

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Scrapbooks are good for preserving many things, especially when the creator has a lot of memorabilia to preserve. A scrapbook allows the creator to save together photos, greetings cards, letters and other documents.

But scrapbooks aren’t easy to duplicate. All of that memorabilia is probably one of a kind so even when the creator is able to duplicate the photos, it’s tricky to copy the documents.

That’s when scanning a scrapbook — whole page by whole page — and printing a version from the digital images not only makes it easy to share, it creates a valuable back-up, too.

This also is a useful approach to save scrapbooks and albums that are falling apart. Scanning the book avoids the tedious process of disassembling everything — and risking damage to the  photos and memorabilia — only to reassemble again.

I recently completed a project for my mother who recreated a scrapbook…

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