Find a theme for wall art

For someone who works with photos all day, I’m not much for family photos on my walls.

Sure, we have a few family photos, but in general, I don’t like posed, smiling mugshots decorating my personal spaces. Still, I think wall decor should be personal in some way, and family photographs fit the bill. So I like unique images — the artsy, fartsy kind — in my interior design.

This, of course, requires that I take artsy, fartsy photos.

I’m not so good at this.

In general, I’d say I am a rather poor photographer. I’m going to blame my equipment. Most of the time, all I use is my iPhone.

My trick, then, is to use interesting composition to achieve the artsy, fartsy look for which I’m looking.

I’m creating a grouping of wall photos where all the images are cropped square. Here are a few that I chose with that interesting composition I’m talking about.

Photograph shadow (bonus: sand art!):

blog sand

Shoot through:

blog chloe

Or shoot from behind:

blog swamp

How do you take interesting family photos?


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