True stories to encourage the spirit at Easter

The world needs more uplifting stories to encourage people, and author Joyce Kocinski’s new book does just that.

More Than a Coincidence Cover ThumbnailMore Than a Coincidence: True Stories of Divine Intervention is a anthology of 30 stories about faith, God, angels and souls who look over us that Kocinski experienced herself and collected from others. It is hopeful, optimistic and filled with meaning.

“Did you ever feel a time in your life when things just fell into place as part of some Divine plan?” Kocinski writes in the introduction.

“How many events can happen by ‘chance’ until we realize there is a path we must follow? When will we recognize that sometimes there are angels watching over us? I hope the stories you are about to read will inspire you to notice the miracles around you that happen every day.”

Each story is like a little faith memoir — beautiful testimonies just in time to appreciate at Easter.

I helped Kocinski bring this book to print. Modern book publishing is amazing. No longer do authors have to acquire a publisher or self-publish with an investment in 2,000 copies that may languish in the garage. With the right know-how or a small amount of money to pay someone else for the service, anyone can self-publish to Amazon. If you have a story and the rights to tell it, Clickago Storywerks can format it and upload it so that is available nearly worldwide.

Kocinski collected and edited the stories and then handed them off to me. I arranged the stories in order, designed the cover and formatted the ebook and paperback interior. I also contributed a story about my brother, who died 15 years ago but continues to play a role in my life.

Kocinski is also the author of Letters From Mom: A Daughter’s Journal of Healing. Both books are available as paperbacks or on Kindle.

More Than a Coincidence is $4.99 on Kindle and $11.95 on Amazon.


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