Personalize a notebook for a meaningful gift

A great way to share your photography and maybe your clever writing at the holidays is a personalized journal.

Check out the notebooks at Both softcover and hardcover notebooks are available. With 20 or more images, you can decorate every sixth or eighth page, leaving the other pages as simply lined.

I used scenery images and quotes from my other blog, Minnesota Transplant. I struggled a bit because I use far less memory intensive images for the blog than what is required for a printed book, but Blurb’s notebook template immediately alerts you to using images that are too small and offers alternative layouts (for example, use six smaller images on a page instead of one big one). If you don’t want to have any words at all, that’s an option, too.

Cost was $28.26, including shipping, for my softcover notebook but it would be less per book if you bought multiple copies.

One drawback: The notebooks are perfect bound, which means they don’t lie flat.

I can imagine some very cute journals:

  • Use images of food and call it a Grocery List notebook.
  • Use images of shoes or roads and call it a Running Journal.
  • Scan in your child’s artwork and create a one-of-a-kind notebook for grandmas and aunts.
  • Use images of your inn and leave it in guest rooms for bed-and-breakfast reviews.
  • Pictures of your garden or flowers would decorate a beautiful Garden Notebook.
  • Pictures of grapes, vineyards and happy hours would make a fun Favorite Wines journal.
  • Sunset images from around the country (or world) would be perfect for a Travel Journal.
  • Images of the sky, praying hands and churches would be the perfect accents for a Prayer Journal.