Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water (or the wedding bouquet with the trash)

In “The ABCs of Photo Organization” I teach people to throw away (yes, throw away) some of their photos. Some photos just aren’t worth keeping, especially duplicates, unflattering photos, blurry photos and most scenery shots.

But some poorly composed photos are worth keeping because they tell a story.

Like this one:

I recently ran across this image of my parents’ wedding in 1964. They’ll be celebrating their 48th wedding anniversary next month, so you can imagine there’s a lot of story in this picture.

It’s blurry, yes, but I love it because of its ethereal appearance, just a like a fairy tale. My mother’s big hoop skirt captures the feel of a Cinderella dress, and my handsome father looks tall and thin like a Prince Charming ought to. And fairy tales always end with “And they lived happily ever after.” This photo — seemingly flawed — illustrates my parents’ fairy tale relationship. So it’s a keeper.

When you run across a photo like this in your own collection, ask yourself, “Is there a story here?” If there is, the photo is worth keeping. And telling the story.


November wedding … album

It took three years, and now that it’s done, I wish I would have done it sooner.

I made a wedding album.

I love the image I chose for the cover. If you look closely, you can see Tyler’s toes (look near his thumb). He was already out of his shoes when we were taking this image on an August day in 2008.

All my wedding images were digital and in one place, so I had a head start. If you have poor quality digital images (like from Facebook), do not waste your money printing them out. And if you have to track anything down or scan in your photos, do that before you even log in. Once you get that far, it’s a project you can complete in an afternoon.

With Shutterfly and $43.43 (including shipping), I made a beautiful 22-page 12×12 album in less than three hours.

I used the Wedding Damask theme in the Custom Path. It was easy to learn and, with an excellent internet connection, very responsive. The Custom Path offers plenty of precision in placement, sizing and text.

With the Christmas and New Year’s approaching, Shutterfly offers lots of great options for enjoying your photos besides photo books including holiday cards and calendars.