As a book designer and certified photo organizer, I can help you organize and enjoy a lifetime of photos and tell your stories in meaningful, beautiful ways:

Initial Consultation: I come to your home or business and assess your needs. We’ll look at your collection of photos, be they printed or digital, and discuss the stories you want to tell to determine your goals and create an action plan. If you choose to go ahead with a project, the initial consultation is free. If you are comfortable with proceeding with the plan on your own, the consultation is only $50. Or, if you have a manuscript you want published, you can send to me for an action plan and estimate.

Sort Printed Photos: I will sort your printed photos for you. After we meet and discuss your goals and make some identifications, I’ll take your photos off your hands and return with them in photo-safe boxes, sorted and labeled.

Photobook Creation: I’ll take 30-150 printed photos, scan them and create a beautiful photobook. Cost depends on number of photos, number of proofs and type of finished photo book.

Scrapbooks: I create personalized scrapbooks for any occasion. Cost of scrapbooks depend on number of photos and materials used. We’ll determine the scope of the project in our initial consultation.

Gifts: I create personalized postage stamps, memory boxes, calendars and other photo gifts, usually shipped right to your door or to your gift recipient.

Personal History: I can help you tell the story of a single event or an entire lifetime for use in a book, photo album or blog. If you have nothing with which to begin, we’ll start with interviews and your photos. If you have the beginning of a story or a timeline, we’ll flesh it out and turn it into a story. We work together to determine the scope of your project, and then I provide a detailed estimate based on the time and additional professional services required.

Publication Help: Have your story written? I’ll help you self-publish it to Amazon so the world can enjoy it. I can help with manuscript editing, formatting of printed and ebooks, book cover design and creation of sales portals.

Website or Blog Copy: I provide fresh, interesting copy to attract search-engine traffic for a website or a personal or business blog. Cost depends on volume but is based on page or post.

I also sort and backup digital images, provide one-on-one instruction on software and speak to groups. Contact me at


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